If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

What's included in the coffee boxes?
You’ll receive 3 different coffees from one amazing Canadian roaster each month. You’ll receive three 4oz or 12oz bags of fresh, ethically sourced, whole coffee beans. You decide how much coffee you want! Each month we’ll send you coffee from a different roaster, along with tasting notes on the month’s coffee.

What types of subscriptions do you offer?
We offer monthly coffee box subscriptions. Just purchase a subscription, you’ll be automatically billed on the 10th of each month. You can opt out of a month as you need and can cancel any time.

We also offer one, three, six, and twelve month coffee box gifts. These boxes are one time purchases that we’ll mail out monthly to you or whoever you want to send coffee to.

We also offer a variety of coffee boxes depending on the amount of coffee you want each month. We offer the Member box, three 4 oz bags of coffee a month. And we offer the Committee box, containing three 12 oz bags of coffee a month.

What is Fairtrade or ethically sourced coffee?
Fairtrade ensures that a coffee farmer receives the Fairtrade Minimum Price for their coffee. Fairtrade is a formal certification given by Fairtrade Organization, whose standards are focussed on ensuring sustainable prices on products. You can learn more about Fairtrade at their website.

Ethically Sourced is an ethical standard defined by individual companies or organizations other than Fairtrade. The term Ethically Sourced can include standards pertaining to worker rights, environmental impact, animal treatment, etc. Ethically Sourced can also include Fairtade, but may include other standards or products that Fairtrade does not yet have criteria for.

Can I choose what kind of coffee beans I get?
Not at this point. Council Coffee does a quality and taste test prior to shipping each month’s beans, to determine which kind of beans and roast we want to deliver to you.

If I don’t like my coffee beans, can I return them?
Unfortunately not. Once a box has been paid for and processed the order does not qualify for return or exchange. Check out our full return policy for more information.